License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Python 3.7

Clinically Applicable Deep Learning Framework for Organs at Risk Delineation in CT images

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    The rights to copy, distribute, and use the head-and-neck segmentation dataset (henceforth called "UCI HeadNeck OARs") that you are being given access to are under the management of the University of California, Irvine. You are hereby given permission to copy this data in electronic or hardcopy form for your own scientific use and to distribute it for scientific use to colleagues within your research group. Inclusion of images and annotations made from this data in a scholarly publication (printed or electronic) is also permitted. In this case, credit must be given to the publication - “Clinically applicable deep learning framework for organs at risk delineation in CT images”. Distribution outside your research group is not allowed without explicit authorization. Any commercial use is not allowed. Commercial use includes but is not limited to the sale of the data, derivatives, replicas, images, or video, inclusion in a product for sale, or inclusion in advertisements (printed or electronic), on commercially-oriented web sites, or in trade shows, or use the data for the purpose of developing commercial products.